Merula MenstrualCUP Mug


Merula MenstrualCUP – a special kind of menstrual cup
Incredibly large capacity, comfortable handle, cool design: the Merula MenstrualCUP is your perfect companion for a smooth start of the day or at work. Its chic black and red colorway makes it a guaranteed eye-catcher and its convenient handle makes carrying it super comfortable. It also holds up to 12.173 fl oz of coffee, tea and all other beverages, which probably makes it the biggest MenstrualCUP of all! Treat yourself to this mug or give it to someone else as a present. The Merula MenstrualCUP can be used by everyone because you don’t have to have your period for it.

Application: You can wear the MenstrualCUP for up to 24 hours thanks to its comfortable handle. Because it holds up to 12.17 fl oz (≈ 9.5 Merula Cups or 18.5 very big tampons), it is suitable for small, medium or strong thirsts and works well for personal use or to be shared with your colleagues and friends. Caution: Wearing the MenstrualCUP for too long can lead to its contents cooling down or sore muscles.

Cleaning and Storage: Regularly clean your MenstrualCUP with water and dish-soap. Excessive cleaning in the dish washer may lead to loss of quality. The ceramic mug should be stored safely and airily in the cupboard. Properly dispose of the Merula MenstrualCUP by putting it in the trash.

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