Insertion & Removal:

Push the rim of the Merula Cup at one point in direction to the inner bottom and fold the whole cup. As you do so, the cup becomes smaller and it is easier to insert.

How to fold

You can wet the cup or use a water-based lubricant. Insert the folded cup and make sure that the rim opens again when inside. The bottom of the cup can stay collapsed. If the cup leaks, try to correct its position. The cup does not have to be inserted as deep as a tampon.

For removal, press the cup slightly downwards and hold the stem. Move the cup downwards, with slow zigzag movements, until you can reach the bottom. Press the bottom in order to remove the light suction. Now, you can remove the cup completely and clean it.

How to insert


Boil the cup before the first use and after every menstruation. Use water with a pinch of vinegar in a Merula Cupscup or in a microwave and boil the cup for at least 5 minutes.

After every removal, empty the cup into the toilet and clean it thoroughly with running water. In order to prevent staining, rinse the cup with cold water first. Disinfect the menstrual cup every time you change.

Keep the cup always in a container that is permeable to air, such as the bag that is delivered with Merula. Well maintained, a single cup can be used for several years. If the silicone begins to deteriorate, throw it away and buy a new one. Slight staining due to frequent use is normal.


First, try your Merula cup. After that, you can adapt the stem to your individual length.

How to adapt the stem


You can download the current manual for the Merula Cup here or for the Merula Cup XL here.