Merula Cup unique

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Say "Hey Unique!" to the limited edition menstrual cup in the most fantastic color combinations. Because the Merula Cup unique menstrual cup is not your ordinary kind; it exclusively comes in a two-tone design and is guaranteed to be a special one-of-a-kind. Additionally, the Merula Cup unique comes in a new colorful packaging - perfect for gifting - and, of course, each package already includes one of our storage pouches. :)

The Merula Cup unique is individually colored in such a way that we offer it to you in three different variants:

  • pink x ice: pink blends into the transparent
  • turquoise: base color turquoise with another color
  • violet: base color purple with another color

But beware: The currently available quantities are limited. The photos are for illustrative purposes only. No Merula Cup unique is the same as another, so the purchased variant will differ from the photo.

The Merula Cup menstrual cup is special because it is One Size. It doesn't matter how old or athletic you are, whether you just got your first period or have already given birth to children. You can shorten the soft ladder stem to your desired length if necessary, making it easier to remove the cup.

The Merula Cup can hold up to 1.295 fl oz (for reference, you would need about 2 Super Plus tampons for that!). This means you can go up to 8 hours without thinking about your period.

  • Made from 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Free from plasticizers
  • Free from animal ingredients

If you have questions about how to use: Here's how it works!

A package contains 1 Merula Cup unique, 1 Merula pouch, 1 manual.

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